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Payneer is a next generation fintech start-up aimed at democratizing payments with its state-of-the-art, innovative, easy to use solutions.   

But more than that, Payneer wants to become a revolution, a redefinition of the way we think and exercise payment!!

Payneer is a disruptive brand, one that aims to define a new culture in the financial technologies industry. 

With Payneer, our inspiration to build a brand is born from the history of art and design, combination of the ideals from Bauhaus school of design and Surrealism.

We wanted to portray the function first approach of Bauhaus merged with the dream-like depictions of Surrealism. Our ultimate goal as a brand is to change the financial technology industry, like the way Bauhaus and Surrealism changed the world of art/design…

With the logo, by using a homonym of the name (payneer - peynir) as the inspiration to the identifying mark, we aimed to capture the absurdity of surrealism, and matched this essence with a custom geometric sans serif typeface, one that feels modern and minimal, yet packs enough energy to get you excited every time you are exposed to it.

With Payneer's iconic trademark, our goal is to be recognizable and memorable. Ultimately however we want our "Payneer" to be the representation of next generation payment technologies...

Our goal was to live outside the standards, ignore the norms and build a competent brand that can carry a whole industry on its shoulders. While doing this, we designed a customer experience to match these standards that the Payneer aims raise.

Once the Identity system was in place, we designed the core business assets like the state-of-the-art Payneer mPOS and Payneer Checkout.

The project was concluded with the development of the website, one that marks Payneer's online presence, and carries the culture-defining values we set our to deliver all around the world!

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